Real Living Key Realty Review


Real Living Key Realty agent Holly Hohnholt deliberately falsified information and milead both the Buyer and Seller in order to prevent an offer from going through. As a buyer, I delt directly with Holly as the sellling agent. She became frustrated when I would not agree to a specific price, so she hung hup on me and told me not to call her again. Having no other choice, I approached the seller directly to inform them of Holly actions and to advise that I would be submitting a new offer through a differnet buyers agent. Holly and her agency deliberately delayed my offer by 3 days, making rediculous claims about requiring new paperwork, which was obsurd. It was a simple and standard Purchase Agreement. All the while they were courting another offer, purposefully delaying my offer so that the other buyer could get the house. Little did they know that I had maintained contact with the seller who informed me that he was told my offer had problems and was not submitted. When Holly finally acknowledged receipt of my offer, we were informed that another offer had gone through and was accepted by the owner. So I contacted the owner to confirm. He told me that he did not accept the new offer yet and he still had not received my offer. When confronted with this, Holly changed her stroy again, only to cove her tracks. bottom line my offer was never submitted, and they accepted the other offer which happened to be higher than mine. i was neveer given a chance to buy the house, nore was I given the chance to counter or bid on the property. This is the first chapter in this story in that I am now enganging the services of an attorney with the option of litigating the matter. .

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