Realgy Energy Service Review


In early 2016 I was contacted by Realgy Energy. They presented themselves as an affiliate of my utility provider, NIPSCO, and said that as a senior citizen they would help me reduce costs by purchasing natural gas at a lower rate during the summer months. The promised no cancellation fees. When I tried to cancel, they told me I wasn’t seeing savings because the winter was too mild and I should continue to assure savings. | When I called them again a year later and demanded to be terminated, they said I would lose all the stored gas plus I would have to pay a cancellation fee of $80.00. I told them that was ridiculous, but they said those were the rules and they must have the check before termination. They refused to acknowledge any promises of no cancellation fees. | On October 12, I sent them a check and a letter via certified mail informing them of my decision, which should have arrived on the 15th. To date I have received no response and am still being charged by them. NIPSCO said they can do nothing until Realgy acknowledges the termination.


  • Name: Realgy Energy Service
  • Country: United States
  • State: Connecticut
  • City: West Hartford
  • Address: 675 Oakwood Avenue
  • Phone: 860-233-2270
  • Website:

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