Reawaken Eye Cream Review


I received an email under the guise of Amazon to fill out short survey in exchange for a free offer of two cosmetic products – Reawaken eye cream and Neuphoric Face Serum. All that was required was shipping charge. First they charged for expedited shipping which I did not authorized, I contacted and they did refund. | In one month’s time, I received another shipment of same product which i did not order. Upon checking my financial statement, I had been charged an exorbitant amount for the products – $88.62 and $89.84. I contacted the companies as the packing slip only had toll free numbers for both products and demanded my account be credited and no further items to be shipped. They assured me I would be refunded and no longer receive items. We will see in 3-5 business days if that is the case. | Apparently if you agree to the offer of only paying shipping fees for “free” offer, they take it upon themselves to “subscribe” you to receive regular shipments of these items. In no way did I agree to these terms. | Also, the products – I used only once and my skin was so dry at the end of the day I have never put on my skin again. | Beware of these so called companies hiding behind the name of a reputable company to get your attention. Only because they made it appear that it was thru Amazon did I even look at this offer.


  • Name: Reawaken Eye Cream
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Fountain Valley
  • Address: P.O. Box 20800
  • Phone: (877) 492-3005
  • Website:

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