Rebecca Busbee Fortson – Richmond Hill, Georgia Georgia


Rebecca (Becky) Fortson had been having an affair with my husband for 2 years. She was recorded saying that she did it to provide for her children. This makes her a prostitute. He was dumb enough to deposit thousands of dollars into her account (even set up a bank transfer recipient in her name), and loaned her his credit card when she wanted it. She had a long history of fucking married men. She’s even gotten pregnant by them and had abortions. One of them had to fire her (she worked for him) and pay her to get her to go away when she got pregnant. She’s killed more babies than she has children. My husband began this relationship knowing her history. She contracted herpes by another man and was fucking her “boyfriend” and taking money from him at the same time. I guess my husband didn’t mind sharing. What a desperate man to pay for a piece of ass. She has three children and I didn’t know any kids that would want their mother fucking married men to provide for them. She is a sad excuse of a mother and human being. What a tramp.

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