Rebecca Huenneken – Ocala, Florida Florida


This is Rebecca Huennekens and she enjoys screwing married men. In one case Rebecca meets a man that she hardly knows at a party. After everyone had plenty to drink Rebecca then pulls this man that she has really just met ( he met her briefly one time a year or 2 before), into a bedroom, pushes him down on a bed and proceeds to give him a bj. Now although Rebecca had not known this man personally before this night she did however know that he had a wife and children. After this party Rebecca goes on to have sex 3 times and another bj with said married man over a course of a couple of months and then tells him he has to choose between her and his wife of 18 years. The married man was never looking for this and realizes what he is risking and therefore ends the relationship. Rebecca however was not satisfied with that so she continues to call and text the married man and tell him she is not use to not getting what she wants and other desperate shit like that. This married man was not Rebecca’s first affair. She is literally white trailer trash at its finest. Beware Marion county Florida wives, this women has no respect for either herself or anyone else. Does anyone elses wayward spouse affair down? Mine certainly did. I dont know how anyone could screw that.

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