Rebecca Nicole Montalongo and Lance Scott Wright – Fernandina Beach, Florida Florida


This is my best friends husband Lance Scott Wright (soon to be ex husband) and the girl in the picture is his side chic Rebecca Nicole Montalongo. My bestie Felicia Wright and Lance have been married for over 8 years. I could tell something was horribly wrong about a year into the marriage. Felicia started not smiling as much, got VERY jumpy, and her spark seemed to be dimming. She started wearing long sleeves all the time. Felicia for as long as I have known her has always loved to smile, make every one else smile, just a complete joy to be around. Suddenly she wasn’t the same. Little did anyone know Lance had started hitting her. He made her quit every job she had after she married him due to people noticing the bruises and black eyes were do frequent she was running out of excuses. The night Lance accidentally hit their son when he was going after her in a drunken stupor was her last draw. She was tired of hearing the promises of him getting help and the I’m sorry didn’t count anymore. She kicked him out in hopes he would get help and they would be able to be a family… A normal family. || They were still trying to work on things as he swore his family was his first priority. And he had quit drinking and was getting help with it threw A.A. and anger management. She soon found out this wasn’t the case. All the time he’s trying to come back into the home making empty promises to Felicia, she was sent pictures of Lance and Rebecca that were taken off Snapchat by a mutual friend. When she confronted Lance of the pictures he assured her it was some crazy girl that worked for him (he is her boss) and wanted nothing to do with her (Rebecca). She believed him for a while until Lance went ghost on his wife, son and step daughters. Felicia got curious so she went on her Verizon account to see the numbers he had been calling and texting… They were all drug dealers. She immediately had the phone shit off. It was her phone plan she was paying for both phones seeing as he was such a loser that he relied on her (pretty much a single mom working constantly) to pay his bills also. || He does have a job mind you but I guess he had other things to spend his money on. Age resumed the phone line on a different device to help a friend in need which triggered a restoration of txt messages from Lances phone. Felicia found out not only had these 2 been having an affair the whole time.. But they were using and selling heroin together. Now she is forced to hand over her son for visitation (divorce is still pending) to Lance who seems it to be a good idea to bring Rebecca along and try to hide her at restaurants in the area while they do the switch. Felicia has caught them several times but will be held in contempt if she tries to protect her child and not let him go and him be in such a scary environment. || My heart goes out to her and pray these two get what they deserve. Rebecca knew he was married.. Had even met Felicia on several occasions. Its one thing not to know about the wife and think your having a regular relationship with someone.. That’s not the case here. Rebecca knew Felicia, knew Lance was married to her and knew they were trying to get help for their family. She continued. I can’t say I’m not glad the Felicia has filed for divorce. Felicia is slowly but surely becoming her happy self again. But I could not imagine the stress she goes through knowing first off the environment she is being forced to hand her son over in and second that the girl her husband cheated on her with is hanging out with her son going around town acting like the happy little family.

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