Rebecca Taylor-Reich – Antioch, Illinois Illinois


Since her high school sweetheart, this woman has been a cheater. Now in her 30’s she has been married and is still married, but lives with her boyfriend who believes she is divorced. But ssshhhh that’s a secret! She got kicked out of her husbands house for cheating and being on numerous dating sites. She doesn’t just spend her spare time cheating, she also likes to seduce taken men. Including 2 of friends ex-boyfriends. I am warning everyone, she is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. She can be sweet, she will even pretend to be generous, but watch out, what she gives, she will take 3 times that amount even if it is from her own grandmother. If you know her be wise, not only is she a HOMEWRECKER, she is a life wrecker. She will not work, but instead creates fake pages to slander innocent peoples names. She will steal your money, your phone, and leave you stranded hours from where you live. Then when people ask her if she has seen you, she will tell them you are in jail, or out sleeping around. She will destroy your life. For years I have seen her do this to people, and now I cant sit back and watch anymore. She is troubled though she believes she is in competition with everyone and she has to prove that she is better by taking your man, your money, and your life.

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