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My son gave me the money so I could order this really cute Toucan Toco paradise planter. It was to be a gift for my birthday. They have a really nice web site looks very professional. I ordered it on my Am. Exp card I the charge appeared on April 15th 2012 through PayPal. Two and a half weeks went by so I emailed them inquiring where my order was. No answer. nI then started emailing and calling their 888 number. You either get their answering machine that says they are busy or their phone voice mail box is full. I even called their local 512 number and got the same recording! Never received a call back from any or my calls or no response to any of my emails. nOn May 16th over 1 month later I contacted Am. Exp. They were going to contact the company as well to see if they would send me my Toucan. I just received a letter from them that this RIP OFF company would not respond to them either and I am being issued a credit. How sad.

PO Box 1197 Buda, Texas United States of America

(888) 345-1077

Outdoor Furniture & Equipment

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