(((REDACTED))) Washington D.C Alabama


Complaint: (((REDACTED))) aka (((REDACTED))) was just on Paltalk as username (((REDACTED))) and just scammed me and im the analyst writing the review!!!! I don’t know how the hell she did it but I just lost 300.00 via online transaction because of her. The person I thought (((REDACTED))) was someone else because she was using a webcam and it looked so realistic, it was a video of someone else and i felt excited and sympathetic to the story I was being told and because of that I got f***** over, she let me know it was really her when it was all done. I’m tired of letting Paltalk allow the Scam to continue I have filed every complaint I can possibly file and it keeps getting allowed this is Computer Fraud at it’s best folks, I have had everyone from Paltalk Company Admins review her profile and everything else and I’m just not getting it done. I will bow down and Say that (((REDACTED))) you are the queen of internet fraud. You are the best scam and fraud artist I know, you bested me.

Tags: Ex-Girlfriends, Questionable Activities

Address: (((REDACTED))) (((REDACTED))), Select State/Province Ireland


Phone: (((REDACTED)))

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