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Complaint: I recently purchased a Tibetan Terrier, narrowing down the breeder to one in Northern CA. This breeder appeared to have no complaints and advertised her AKC status. During my discussions, breeder appeared to be extremely knowledgeable of the breed, having been in the business showing dogs, winning awards in shows and breeding for well over a decade. After many months, I selected a puppy to purchase. After the sale, the breeder could not have been more irresponsible when the vet visit 36 hours after pick up of the pup tested positive for a parasite. The parasite is transmitted through feces. I had purchased a puppy that within 36 hours needed medications, special diet, had a bad reaction to the first medication, repeat testing and, repeat vet visits. All without a single response or reimbursement per the contract from the breeder. The breeder never returned my calls and emails asking for records that tate laws require, and per the signed contract for a show puppy. She refused to respond to the information regarding the illness, attempts to notify her were unsuccessful period. This parasite may be pervasive in the litter and checks and possible treatment of several other puppies was needed, Refused contact so there was no way to discuss the vet costs as per the contract. She did not provide a Health Certificate signed by a vet and refused to give the shot records, also required vy our state’s laws. Additionally while advertising and representing the puppy as show quality, she never gave AKC registration, even though she signed her own contracts to do so. I observed puppies with fecal matter on their coats. A red flag should have been that the breeder never provided the names of the parents before the sale when requested, nor was the mother seen onsite during any of my visits up to the time of purchase. She refused to give a history of the mothers health or provide information regarding how many litters the mother has produced and how frequently she was bred. While I was assured specific genetic tests were done prior to breeding, the breeder never produced the test results. This raised concerns as to the breeders practices, a good breeder will give you the parents names and the genetic test results of the pair being bred ahead of sale. Because the mother was not onsite, I had no ability to see her, to evaluate her myself for health and temperament. The breeder immediately cashed my check while ignoring near simultaneous calls and emails regarding my sick puppy and advisement that the rest of the litter may also be sick. Her written contracts are worthless when she ignores any provision regarding her responsibility and she ignored multiple provisions in her contract and state laws regarding breeders of dogs. Subsequent to this, the breeder advertised similar puppies on the Puppyfind website. This website is known to responsible breeders and rescue groups as a site used by known puppy mills. The AKC intervened on my behalf and sent the registration papers directly to me. A responsible breeder, including Tibetan Terrier breeders would warn you not to buy online. I bought in person after researching the breeder so even then it can be hard to determine if the breeder will stand by their contract and is responsible. Old reputations are not to be relied in every case. A suggestion;If you want to be assured buy only from the breeders on the recommended list at the Tibetan Terrier Club of America. They set rigorous rules for their members to follow in order to be recommended by them. Do not confuse this with the Breeder of Merit logo, the recommendations of the club are a safer bet.

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Address: 406 Pitt St or 105 Center St Jackson, California United States of America


Phone: 209-257-1120

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