Regvita Semetaite (Vita) – East Haddam, Connecticut Connecticut


This woman started flirting with my husband at work, my husband obviously is FAR from innocent … It all started one day at work where she kicked my husband on the butt and commented “ oh so hard, what else is hard” My husband took the whore bait, AGAIN NOT innocent in this AT ALL ! Then they began “sexting” each other throughout the workday.This went on from what I was told for 5 months. He works as a mechanic and she is the warranty clerk. This is all while she’s living with the parts person, using him for a place to live. The WHOLE time while texting and pursuing my husband she would wave at me and our children and make small talk with us. If you’re gonna be a wh**e and pursue my husband and their father, DONT talk to my children! Then she asked my husband to “test drive” her car one day after work because it was making a noise and when he parked the car she already had her pants off and a condom out and pulled out my husbands penis and hopped on him. Again he is MORE at fault than she is because one he shouldn’t have gotten in that car and two he could’ve pushed her off and three he was texting her for 5 months! BUT SHE started this all KNOWING he was married and met me and our children for petes sake! I happened to call after the whole thing and my husband feeling stupid and remorseful or so he says but while he was talking to me he said she was “getting off” that I was on the phone ! He had to push her away. THEN he said she drank the condom and when they parked back at work she got in the drivers seat , drove down about 20 feet and gave her now husband then boyfriend a big sloppy kiss!!!! What a nasty skank! When my husband came into work to tell her that it was a big mistake and it can never happen again she told him that she could separate her “funtime” with home and if he ever changed his mind to let him know she would be “available” and THEN said she didn’t mind tasting me after he’d been with me so to let her know ! NASTY !!! I found out a year and half after it happened and when I texted her to say I wanted to speak to her and my husband she denied everything of course and even had the audacity to say my husband has been faithful to me ! She refused to speak with me because she’s a coward. As chance would have it though we were shopping for a gift recently and I saw her and confronted her and she just kept saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about” “ We are in a public place” “ Nothing ever happened” so I got to call her a wh*re to her face but that’s it. It’s “hearsay” that she has slept with at least 4 OTHER people at work.My husband also said she got drunk at the company Christmas party this year and was “looking” for him, disrespectful skank! She has no shame or respect and it sounds like she just uses men for a place to live and a car because she went from living with one to pursuing and [email protected]&$ my husband to her now husband ALL 3 of whom work for the SAME company! She was just looking for one to bite and apparently some poor schmuck did. Shameless , Nasty “Slore”

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