“Rema” – San Bruno, California California


Rema works in a hotel and flirts with every man that comes in her hotel. Ladies god save you if she checks your man in she builds instant connections to use them and sleep with them later. She went on a trip to Reno for 3 days and flirted and slept with her manager to gain a promotion knowing he is married and he is divorcing his wife for her. She cheated with this guy shesahomewrecker.com/?p=131774. Other friends say the same. Highly manipulative lady and pretends innocent but is dangerously innocent. She fought with all her friends after she slept with the manager who is also a cheater. She does not care about anyone or anything other than herself, selfish, re pungent, bad hearted person, liar, cheater, whore of a women who takes advantage of good people and talks bad about everyone behind their back. Do not check into hotel around south San Francisco… if you see Rema around at check in table boycott that place.

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