Rena Wellmann College Station, Texas Texas


My husband and I were having some issues going to counseling and trying to work things out. Well we get in a big fight and I tell him to leave. He heads up to a bar where this homewrecker works. He tells her his situation that he is married with three kids and how he loves me and hopes this works out, but by the end of the night she is inviting him over. She said that she was having an after party. Low and behold the after party was him. (Mind you this is the first time they meet) he ends up staying and sleeping with her. In the am she invited him to move in!!!! Within the week he tells me of his infidelity and how bad he feels. I find this girl on facebook and messenger her to check his story. She confirms story and then proceeds to tell me that if I was keeping my man happy she wouldn’t of had to do the job. I call her names and the she drags my kids into it telling me she knows where I live and what schools my kids go to and she is going to make me pay. I was very confused on why she was upset with me! She was the one sleeping with my husband. I think the bitch is off her rocker and jealous because he choose to stay with his family.

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