Renee Dowdy – Pearlsburg, West Virginia West Virginia


Renee Dowdy goes by many names and numbers. She is traveling around the east coast. From West Virginia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, DC, NY, FL. She is traveling with her Pimp/boyfriend. She will give you a sob story about her kids, how she hates doing what she does. Even convince men she’s falling in love with them. She is also a thief, stolen from friends, drug dealers, who ever. Been rumored that she has even had her pimp use a gun to rob her JOHNS. She was using drugs, pill popper. She pretty much abandoned her children and she was sent home from California to be with her kids and stayed with them for about a month or month-and-a-half and then went back out on the road and has not been home since January. She frequents backpage in the different City’s that she’s in. She can be very charming and very sweet and she is even in very good condition physically but in her profession that’s just to lure men in. She’s very friendly with the local police in Pearisburg, WV as well…

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