Renee Faircloth – Holly Springs, North Carolina North Carolina


So My boyfriend and I met Renee together thru here cousin, “Sandman”, at our hotel room in Raleigh, NC. Her and I actually hung out for about a half hour while my boyfriend (of 7 yrs) and “Sandman” went to handle some business. She had her little girl with her and the 3 of us just chilled. Her and I actually had a good conversation, I played with her little girl. She talked about her husband and what they were going thru legally as far as with their kids and a divorce. Gonna be honest I liked her and thought she was an ok person. Well about 4 months later I was just feeling like something was my right with my man and I. I mean when you’ve been with someone as long as he and I have been together you tend to know that person better than they know themselves. I asked him several times if he was seeing someone else. He maintained that he wasn’t. Kept telling me it was in my head but nothing about our relationship felt right to me. But I had no women in mind or any evidence to support my gut feeling other than him acting strange and “loosing” his phone or keeping in on him at ALL times. One night he and I were actually connecting again or at least I felt like we were and his phone beeps as a texts comes thru. I asked him who it was because it was like 2 a.m. and his eyes filled with tears so I immediately knew that whoever it was he has crossed a line he knew he’d never be able to come back from. He told me it was this girl Jessica and that nothing had happened between them but that they had just “hung out” so I fb this beautiful blonde girl asking her what if anything was going on between her and my man. The Jessica girl never responded and eventually he told me that it wasn’t that girl and that he WANTED to be able to tell me but knew I’d blank so I calmed down and eventually he told me that it was “Sandmans” cousin that I had met moths before and maintained nothing sexual happened. Needless to say at that point I didn’t believe a word of what he was saying because for 2 days he lied about who it really was. So I proceed to tell him I’m calling the bitch and asking myself. He said fine. I call Renee and she too lied but I told Octavio she told me the truth. He immediately tells me that it only happened once and how sorry he was. Even tho I knew as soon as I seen the text, really before then I felt he was cheating on me, to hear him say it knocked the breath out of me. Me being me, a few days later felt bad for her like he has used her. I do not know why I felt anything other than rage for the bitch. It’s a bit different when you meet a guy and he doesn’t tell you he’s married or had a long term relationship with a woman but when you meet the wife or girlfriend and she treats you with respect and a few moths later you run in to him again and end up sleeping with him KNOWING for a FACT he’s in a relationship and you sleep with him anyway, that puts you in a whole entire different category than just a slut. You in fact are actually being a Home Wrecker. So that is exactly why Renee and her mugshot needs to be on your site. Also I have no desire to keep it a secret that I, Rochelle Connallon, am who has put her on here. Hopefully she will get mad enough to wanna face me and get the business I’ve been trying to give her since. You’re woman enough to sleep with my man but not woman enough to face me afterwards because he told you “I’m crazy, and have a bad temper” well you should’ve thought bout that before you stuck his d**k in ur mouth. That’s great I enjoy being a crazy bitch too. Toodles until we meet again.

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