Renee Pate-Gracey – Croghan, New York New York


I’m thinking my 1st post about Renee Pate-Gracey was rather harsh but in all honesty I just don’t care. This woman thinks MY husband is her knight in shining armour when in fact he’s nothing but a liar, cheater and an a$$. I have to tell her WEEKLY, he’s still with me and we still have sex and he still tells me he loves me. Why do I do this? BECAUSE HES MY HUSBAND AND SHE’S NOTHING BUT A DIRTY [email protected]*E. 5 weeks ago she called me a dirty, nasty c*** and attacked me which was not bright because I beat her a$$. I was still swinging when he pulled me off her and she got up and ran away, but yet still EVERY WEEK I tell her. She’s a dumb a$$. Must be the meth she uses, and YES she was charged and convicted in 2015 of at least one charge of manufacturing meth. She did time in jail. Wait did I mention we just had sex yesterday 11/24 and 11/21 yep THIS WEEK!!!! I hope she rots. I hope she suffers.

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