Renewal Facial Cream Review


My mother ordered their product with the “RISK FREE” trial. She agreed to pay shipping. Within 14 days, she was billed the full amount of those creams $85.98 and $87.53. Within 15 days of that first charge and without any further contact from them to my mom, they billed her credit card again, for $89.95 and $92.53. She called and they told her they wouldnt bill her anymore, promised that they would refund the money for the second order and agreed to pay back half of the first set. My mom agreed to those terms. | Her credit card was still not refunded a month and a half later, so I called last tuesday. I was on the phone for over an hour, and they kept telling me the manager was not available. Finally I spoke with a manager and she said that the call center could not do anything, but they would forward information to “higher ups” that could fix this. They promised me that I would have a call on wednesday by 7pm. When no one called by 9pm I called. | After another hour of arguing with a representative to get me directly to a manager, I finally got one and she said she saw all the notes from previous calls etc. She said she would have someone call back by friday. It is tuesday and no one had called, so I called today. I got to Georgia, supervisor, who was extremely rude. She kept saying that my mom had gotten credit card to dispute charges (which she did but only for first set of charges. I called credit card to confirm and they said the second set of charges were active and not part of dispute). I told this to Georgia. She told me to be quiet several times and to listen to her and she would then let me talk!! Incredibly rude | After I listened to her and I thinking I was finally going to have a turn to speak, she informed me that all further contact about this would need to go through my bank, would not acknowledge me anymore and hung up! | I immediately called back, and he representative that answered would not put a supervisor on the phone and she too said the same statement about needing to contact my bank for any further discussion about this claim. I asked her for her name at least 5times, which she ignored and then hung up the phone on me. | My mother was preyed on by these people as a senior citizen. When she called they made her feel stupid and ignored her first requests. My mom does not have perfect English and they took advantage of her. I want to get to all possbile media outlets and let people know about this scum bag company that is preying on people and charging credit cards without consent. Please someone help.


  • Name: Renewal Facial Cream
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 855-201-3475
  • Website:

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