Rent a Center Albuquerque New Mexico Review


Rent a center… how do I start?!?!? They arrested rude.. they call and call multiple times a day! At one point they left their little cards that they came by my house all over the front of my garage! Today was the final straw I have been super patient with them and yes I’m late and going to return my items . I was working today a 12 hour shift and they called me 10 times while I was at work ( mind you I work at a call center so I cannot physically answer my personal cell phone!) They proceeded to go to my house and pound on the door for over an hour. My fiance and 4 year old son were there. My son was napping but they woke him up! They scared him and he thinks there is bad guys at the door. They proceeded for almost 2 hours to ring and pound on my door and call me. As soon as I git an opportunity to all them back they refused to leave when I said I am not home I am at work and you are a scaring my son! They proceeded to tell me they will call the sheriff and tell them my son is home with no supervision. I said I never said he wasn’t supervised my fiance is there but your not welcome in my house when I am not there. They straight up told me they weren’t leaving. I hu b g up and called their store manager and she said I’m stealing the furniture. I said no I’m letting you take it tomorrow your harraswing my son and banging on my door!!! Get off my property! So annoying will not be doing business with them again

2003 Southern Blvd SE#135 Rio rancho , New Mexico USA


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