Rentway mooreville Mississippi Review


rentway breachescontract,comits fraud,fires manager then sells out to rent a center consumer rip-off fraud ….. nIn the year of 2000 I rented several things from rentway. I also signed up on the preferred customer list. The contract stated that if I was ever laid off they would pay 1,000 dollars or four months whichever came first. Then my agreement also stated that if I became unemployed again after working 8 consecutive weeks the unemploments benifits would kick in again. Every thing went fine the first time. nThe second time the manager never filed them. after I did a little research and compared my past receipts with the 2002 receipts i found i owed more in 2002then I did when I first got the stuff. My contracts had been rewritten my name was not even spelled right. I am in the middle of a lawsuit but guess what the manager was terminated, in the process of filing the complaint,another manager was there for a few months. Now the store has been sold to rent a center. So whats next who knows I know they have did me wrong and I can and will prove it!! nVeronicanmooreville, MississippiU.S.A.

Tupelo, Mississippi U.S.A.


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