Republic Services, Inc. Review


Providing a 2 yd container for my farm they work under a 36 month contract. During the first 24 months prices went from 120.00 to 210.00. They increase billing charges a steady 18% per year. To stop the contract they want 6 months pmt as damages. 1246.00. They stated they wanted to keep me as a customer so offered a rate of 65.00 per month! Also a guarantee of not increasing more than 5% per year. They are in effect admitting that I should have been paying one third of their charges. The no increase hook was not in the first contract. Using their numbers I have overpaid 125/month for two yrs. Add that number to the cancel charges and my damages are over 3200.00 for doing business with Republic. The most embarrasing fact in this whole sad story is that I took so long to check the competition-wait for it-44.00/month and no contract. (why would they need one) .

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