– WISER IN New Jersey Review


I saw unauthorized charges from this Co. on my credit card statement. Immediately called their toll free # on my bill. They said when I was on Continental, I clicked on a box authorizing them to take my personal info. & credit card # which they proceeded to charge 2 mos. worth at $12/ea month. They claim I input my email address in twice & therefore signed up as a member of their lame, fraudulent company. They got my info from my info I input on Continental Airline site. nI called my credit card co. & they credited my acct. Google the co. name. You’ll be shocked what you see-many many complaints. I have communictaed w/CT Better Business Bureau, and hopefully this poor excuse for a “business”” will be out of business ASAP. They should face criminal charges IMO. Shameful

deceitful & sneaky tactics. nMy suggestion is call the co.

have them refund your money. Call your bank/credit card co. ASAP. Notify the Better Business Bureau. Never click on rebate offer or coupon offer. The CEO & President of this scam co. should learn the meaning of KARMA!!! What goes around

comes around!!!! SHAMEFUL LOWLIFE SCUMS!!! nScammednWISER IN

New JerseyU.S.A.”

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