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Complaint: On November 18, 2014, Charles Thorpe, salesperson from Residential Gourmet came to our door guaranteeing he had the best, most delicious steaks and chickens money can buy. All natural and worth every penny. They looked pretty good frozen, so we bought them for $600. Few days later, we tried the steak (ribeye) and it was the most horrible piece of meat. We tried a different one the next night. Same thing. We tried the chicken the next day and they were jsut as bad. Texture was all wrong and tasted horrible. Charles had ran out of brocures when he sold us the product, so it took us a couple days to track the company down for our money back. When we finally made contact with them (our 10th call), they said we had to contact them for our money back within 3 days. Charles, of course, didn’t tell us that when he sold us the product as he went straight for the bank with our check. I told them they never answered their phones in the last few weeks! We fought over getting our money back for a month. They finally said we probably got a bad batch and they will replace them. That was almost a month ago and I call both Charles and the company daily (and send multiple emails per week) without any call back or responses. These meats should be in the same aisle as dog food. I have a freezer full of this stuff and really want them to come pick it up and reimburseme me!

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Address: 15681 N. Cave Creek Road, Suite 3 Phoenix, Arizona USA


Phone: 602.795.7335

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