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The warranty was bought by the seller. Now I wish the seller just gave the money to me. The warranty is a joke. I reported a leaking pipe in the basement. I called three times before the plumber came. First time I was told to file a warranty policy notice. Okay, maybe reasonable. Second time, another person answered my phone and just told me that a plumber will contact me in 9 hours. I waited two days and no body contacted me. I called back again and the receptionest said they will let a plumber call me again. After another two days, the plumber finally came. But the story just began. The plumber said my water softer is a junk and need to be replaced at the price about $820. I said I need to install a water powered back sump pump. The plumber said it is not a good decision and they can install a whole new set sump pumps at $800. I refused these two offers because I believe my existing softener works just fine and my plan on the back up sump pump should also be fine. Then they took a look at the leaking pipe and said the leaking pipe is associated to the softener, hence NOT INCLUDED IN THE WARRANTY. I need to pay them $250 to redo the leaking part of the pipe completely. Well, the leak is near to the junction of the pipe form the softener but the leak is definitely on the main water pipe. Why is this not included in the warranty? I called the company for explanation and the receptionist kept arguing that my leaking pipe is indeed not included. I am not strong at arguing. But then I asked: why I was not informed that my leaking pipe is not included? The receptionist said I am responsible and should be aware of this. Okay, as the best as I know, it should be included. Luckily the leak is not too bad and it gave me enough time to find other options. It is realy an easy job. I can not do it only because I do not have the tools. I was never been this disappointed. I paid $50 to let the plumber leave my house. Yes, $50 for nothing!!!! If you want to buy home warranty for yourself or your buyer, choose some company wisely or just save the money. I can not imagine if I had a worse leaking pipe and still naively rely on the warranty. Just a joke. I will never contact this company again. Who wants to pay for pain, as what happended to me today?

carmel, Indiana USA

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