RESOLVED Florida Child Support — FLORIDA SUCKS!


The state of Florida is a huge joke!! I a native born Floridian who has moved to Kentucky had found out last year I had a son from a girlfriend who was a piece of crap, she gives birth never tells me about him waits 5 years to file paternity papers of which I signed for and take the test boom! Im a daddy, well gee thanks! then fill out all the monetary paperwork for the state and then move to Kentucky and get married and they track me down, not that I was hiding becuase they’re system has no help or info for dads becuase we are all pieces of ### to them and the whole world! I get letter after letter telling me, pay this and pay that and I am 28, 000 in the hole, for what??? Oh, they can go back 2 years from the date of paternity, oh so very nice that i have incurred a debt to which i never knew about!! That’s beautiful gee thanks again Florida!! I sit on hold with that god awful hour or more wait to the state and every time it’s your wait time is less than 30 minutes! ###!! they have a horrible “You’re a horrible person pay up deadbeat” mentality and they say after I have made 2 payments of get this this are you ready!! $375 every 2 weeks, gee thanks yet again and on an $11 an hour job and they say they wont do a modification for 3 YEARS!!! WTF!!! You cheap ### women who are non job holding system users are PATHETIC!! So as of today and I am making no income and can’t do a thing about my deductions and just had my drivers license suspended and they intend to put the back owed support on my credit record of a person who is paying and hasn’t flead or taken off on anyone “YET” I SAY F YOU! to the ### women and state of Florida! you both are write offs and a joke! This is exactly why I love to hear about men do can somehow beat the system! I was never married to that woman, knew her for 3 months and she had a previous abortion and kept mine and hang on, was drunk in a car and with her daughter hit a parked car and totalled hers and the police never gave her a feild sobriety test!! LOVELY!! does anyone wonder why I am a bit pissed off!! Good luck guys i wish you the best and to most of the women who even have the guts to post here with your complaints, pick a better man next time and quit screwing with honest and decent men! The end.

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