Resort Holdings Review


Well, we fell for a Timeshare Company that said that they could take over our deed for our Timeshare. They are sooo convincing, very exceptional liars, basically, and we were stupid enough to fall for their spiel. We gave them $1700 upfront to start the process. They initially sent us papers to sign, and we sent I.D. information. I called them with questions a few times in the first week, and they were always very cordial in answering my questions, and to call them any time. They told me they have been taking over timeshare deeds for several years, and they guarantee 100% that they will complete this deal, and we will be free of all fees from the resort. Such a guarantee is really useless if the company just closes shop. | Well, I waited a couple of weeks to get an update to see how things were progressing, and lo and behold, the initial person who I had spoken to in New York, had vanished. That phone had been disconnected. Then I called Resort Holdings, and left a few messages, with never a response. Then, the mailbox was “full” so no messages could be left. | I then tried emailing the woman who I had spoken to, as well as emailed her, but never heard back after several attempts. | Scammed again!!! i have called my credit card company to let them know this entire situation, and hopefully my money will be refunded, but it will take time. | I called the Better Business Bureau, because the company claims they have a good rating. The BBB never heard of them. | I have also called Department of Consumer Protection in Conneticut, as well as the Attorney General’s Office, and they are very well aware of Timeshare scammers. Unfortunately, no government seems to be able to stop these crooks. One closes down, and another opens up the next day. I still get calls, at least once a week, asking me if i would like to get rid of my timeshare. What a racket. I wish I had just hung up the phone on the Resort Holdings call! | I should have done more checking, obviously, but this is a warning to anyone who get a call from Resort Holdings or Resort Bailout. They have the same phone number and address. | This whole scam starts from the moment you step into a “Sales Meeting” at any resort. They wear you down and will not let you leave until you BUY a timeshare week, promising you amazing deals and giving you free cheap gifts or tickets. After you sign, you are in it for LIFE! | With the internet, you can find amazing resort deals without having to go through buying a timeshare, paying increasing maintenance fees, transfer fees with RCi……the list goes on and on, and that is why people are DESPERATE to get rid of them and fall for such scams!!!! | Why the government cannot put a stop to these thieves is beyond my understanding. They are unscrupulous and should be investigated like any other criminal activity. | They are rampant. But the other scam, is that Timeshare Resorts will NEVER take back their resort and you will pay forever. If you die, they will chase down the family. They are very expensive and absolutley NOT worth it!!!!


  • Name: Resort Holdings
  • Country: United States
  • State: Connecticut
  • City: East Hartford
  • Address: 87 Church St
  • Phone: 860-770-6399
  • Website:

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