Resort Vacation International, Inc Jacksonville Texas Review


In February of 2018 we were contacted by “Brittany”” she identified herself as a representative of RVI (Resort Vacation Internationl). She stated that RVI was the “”rental department”” for RCI whom we are members of and have vacation weeks deposited with. She informed us that we had “”4 extra weeks”” with RCI that could be rented out for $1400.00 per week. These were in addition to the 2 “”extra weeks”” and our deposited weeks at RCI. She explained that they did not show up on our RCI account as they were in additon to our regular weeks. We did not quite understand but since we were new to the timeshare community we believed her. She told us those “”4 extra weeks”” could be rented out for $1400.00 per week which would help offset our membership and maintenance fees with RCI and our home resort. This sounded legitimate as we were told when we bought into the timeshare that most owners do rent out their weeks. I was also told by Brittany that they already had clients interested and I should have offers withing 60 – 90 days. During this same convesation she informed that our cost for them to rent out these “”weeks”” was 1 year at $1196.00

3 years for $1596.00 or 5 years for $1899.00. I informed her that she had reached me at work and that in addition to needing more information I would need to discuss it with my husband. She then informed me that this was a limited time offer and that I needed to let her know before end of business that day. She gave me her direct line 1-407-567-7350. Once I got home I called the number she gave as her “”direct line”” and reached someone by the name of Tristan. Tristan repeated the same information that Brittany gave me including saying that they had clients interested at that time and that we would have offers in 60 – 90 days. Like Brittany he kept pushing the 5 year plan $1899.00. Telling us what a deal it was

how much we would save


etc. When we refused to go with the 5 year plan he began the pitch on the 4 year plan for $1596.00. He sounded so sincere and guaranteed we would have offers within 60 – 90 days that we opted for the 3 year plan at $1596.00. Needless to say we have not had one offer nor have we heard from anyone at RVI. I went on the website ( to see “”our listing””. I did find a listinf for a 2 bedroom at our home resort (The Grandview in Las Vegas) but it was simply that – a generic listing for a 2 bedroom suite. It simply appeared to be a listing for any 2 bedroom at that resort that would have come up when searched whether we had signed to rent out our not. We did not pursue this matter sooner as we simply did not want to believe we had been scammed. We kept waiting

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