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Please, Please do not use Ralph Cole or his company. My name is Sean Nicholson, and I hired Ralph from this website early in 2014 to remodel a bathroom at my home. They good job and I was pleased with the work. In December of 2014, I purchased a new house that needed major renovation and I again went to Ralph to carry out the work. I paid in 7000 dollars for the deposit on one part of the house, and as I added work on one of the bathrooms he asked for another deposit of 3000 which I gave him..he now had 10000 of my money…other than starting to rip out the tile in the guesthouse, Ralph never showed up again, 2 weeks went by, and after numerous calls he said he would come by. We asked for receipts and drawing of the work. He never produced them, we asked many times, and he kept saying Lowes would not give him the receipts. After weeks of this, I told Ralph we were behind schedule on the work, and I would pay him for what little he had done, but wanted the return of my deposits. He said he did not have it…as he had spent it already on other this day, I have not had any money returned no any receipts, the only thing he has given was approximately 1700 dollars in kitchen cabinets, that came flat packed, and I can only guess at the costs, since I have no receipts. I am taking Ralph Coles and his company to court for the remainder of the 10k, please don’t do business with him..He made out he is a Christian man, but I can tell you he is not..he still has not replied to any of my last emails…if you want more information I can send you all of the email correspondence..please email me at (email address removed by admin) I am posting on every site he has review, so others will know to be careful…Sincerely Sean Nicholson On December 30, 2014, we advanced you $7,000.00 dollars for work that had not even begun, the following week, we advanced you $3,000.00 for another project that had not been started. You, have tied up our money now for over a month. I have yet to see the first invoice for any work performed or an invoice for cabinets that were delivered. Un -fortunately the work that was started was not of the quality that we expected and we told you that we would find someone else to do the work we needed. I don’t understand your reluctance to produce invoices to justify keeping any part of the $ 10,000.00 we advanced you. It is impossible to believe that you do not keep records of each job. Waiting for Lowe’s to provide transaction details is ludicrous.i am sure as a businessman you keep a running account of time and materials for each job. Ralph, you have had the use of our money with no accounting. Equally you ordered cabinets which have been received but we have never seen or received any layout drawings. WHY? I expect to see a complete reconciliation of our money today. We have asked numerous times to be put off with waiting for Lowe’s. We did not hesitate to advance you the money you requested, because we TRUSTED you, but we have become To wonder why you are so hesitant to meet with us. .

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