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Complaint: I purchased a coupon for a local restaurant from, a service which I have been a member of for a long time. I also have dozens of credits from them, and because their gift certificates are not so easy to redeem – I rarely do so. But last night I’d finally had enough. I walked into the restaurant moments after the purchase to find that they would not accept the coupons – notices all around the entrance, and they said that had been told repeatedly – they were actually in litigation with them, but would not comply with their cancellation. So, it seems the company just keeps taking our money, knowing the coupon won’t be honored – and then will only offer you another coupon in it’s place. No Refunds!!! Now I can understand if you buy a coupon, go to use it a week later and the restaurant is out of business. But to keep selling coupons that you’ve been told will not be honored – is a RIP OFF. Shame on your for taking patron’s money like that, knowing you can’t honor the coupon! And as of 10 minutes ago – they are still selling those coupons! I will continue to use their services – because they are valuable, but I will now always call first. And I hope that others will see this and learn to check them out first also. I also hope that whoever might sanction them for such unethical practices will do so.

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Phone: 800-979-8985

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