longwood Florida Review


I contacted the website and it is a total scam and rip off. it is set up to be scammed by a con man named John Walker. nit appears nice looking but it all its content are plagiarized from other sites and leed to a closer name beyer who wants you to give you thousands for services that can be obstained for free. the site is a con to get your money so they can chaperone you into ecuador when they just seperate you from your money and forget about you. nany inquiry eventually is meant by a mfia attitude of john walker a gangster wanna be type who is threatning and insulting for no reason. especially to americans, once he recognizes you as such he will attack your american na tionality. he attacked me. warned me never to come to ecuador and called all americans “ugly””. he threatened me to not come to ecuador accusing me of being broke and alone. nif you need ecuador info ask a gentleman named gary phillips at [email protected] or the web site. nJim znlongwood


C/o John Walker Cuenca, Ecuador Nationwide U.S.A.

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