Revival Beauty Review


Beware of this scam! The ad will tell you that you can have their products for $4.99 and $5.99 respectively but they will bill you for $89.99 and $99.98 if you don’t cancel within 14 days! And as some have reported, even if they tried cancelling within the allotted time, the company still would not grant their refund. Do NOT fall fo this scam! I tried reasoning with them and told them to reverse the unauthorized charges to my card but they said I needed to call the 800 number becuase they had “questions” for me. I told them they had all the information needed to charge my card, they have all the information needed to reverse the unauthorized charges. Turns out, in teeny-tiny writing on their “introductory” page is a statement saying that if there is no cancellation within the trial period, the exhorbitant charges will be made to the credit card on file. Guess what — they will not listen to reason despite the fact my bank even told me I could return the products for a full refund. The “customer service representative” even hung up on me! This company is totally bogus and their products are s**t. Do Not Fall For It! Unscrupulous business practices and even worse customer service. I can’t wait until they piss off the wrong people and get sued hard enough to shut their operation for good.

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