Rhino Entertainment snoqualmie Washington Review


12/24/03 Order # 69832nOrdered 4 videos, hit wrong shipping button. Site states orders can be changed if contacted before order processed. Emailed Rhino immediately. Explained I wanted rush shipping for add’l 8$ charge. Followed up with another email with no response. A third email was sent 1/4/04 after I found I had both orders charged on my Visa card. (my notes have been tossed, going from memory here) Explained situation to Sheria, (12/29) a cust svc rep, (CSR)and she told me it was too late to change shipping on the order (the 2 emails were not responded to) and I needed to cancel it and re-order. I said fine as long as my card is not charged twice. nI received my rush order with the product being just what was ordered and promised. On or around 1/2/04 I receive the first order. I have a po box so I get a card which I give to the postal worker and they give me my package. I open the box, not looking at the return address, thinking it was books I had ordered. It was a duplicate, actually the original order that did not get cancelled after all. I confirmed that both charges are now on my card. Visa said to go through the vendor first. I called Rhino, explained what happened and she said “Don’t open it

just put ‘return to sender’ on it”” I again explained I had opened it thinking it was books and since I knew it had to be returned

I put the return address sticker provided onto the box. She said I was told not to accept it. I explained the po box situation and that had someone told me that

I would have explained that to them also but no one told me this. I said I want an email stating they will pay return postage and return/receipt fees since had they responded to the 2 emails and the phone call as promised

this would not have happened. She put me on hold

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