Rhoda Malin – Cedar Hill, Missourri Missouri


This woman Rhoda Malin loves married men! She is a senior citizen who screwed around with a married man who is the same age and helped him destroy his loving family – including the grown children. She has no remorse and goes on with her life as if she hasn’t ruined his family’s life. She is in the middle of a divorce and her husband should see this so she doesn’t take him to the cleaners. Since she is a very unattractive woman, she tries to lure other women’s husbands in with promises of them becoming the proud owner of her husband’s green tractor, which she tells them she will own when her divorce is final. These stupid men fall for this along with her other ‘sweet talk’. This woman is an unpaid slore, a scavenger and a real sh*t show! She owes a lot of people at this point. It’s time she start paying!

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