Rhonda Dodge – Elizabeth, Indiana Indiana


Sleazy hoe has been flirting with my husband for awhile now. Telling him her sob stories of getting out of an abusive relationship with a bum that wouldn’t work. Told my husband that her papaw lives with her. Guess what i found out papaw as she claims is her boyfriend. He was married and she was with some one when she decided to pursue him. He divorced his wife for this skank. Now she is pursuing my man claiming to be single! Little does she know he actually knows what a homewrecking lying cheating hoe she is he has her watched at work. She is worse mom of the year that man can’t stand her her kid soyrces say he complains the kid whines to much. I guess thats why she doesn’t have him much. Uploading the hoes pictures aling with the ones with her sleazy bastard boyfriend she claims is papaw lol. Wow this is sick as they come.

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