Complaint: I am writing about this issue in regards to an extremely unprofessional and unwilling property manager that I needed assistance from. I live in a condo community and my a/c unit had failed. I contacted Rhonda Turner at UPA about this issue and asked if the unit was covered by the monthly condo fee of $200.00.Ms.Turner was extremely rude and unwilling to answer any questions that I sought answers for. I then called my USAA who advised me to call UPA and have them fax the bi-laws for the community. I spoke to Ms. Turner again at approx 0915 , who rudely asked me, “why can’t you fax it yourself””

Tags: Homeowner Associations

Address: I told her I was at work and didn’t have the relative documents on me to do so. She reluctantly agreed to do so. All correct relative information was passed down to her for faxing purposes. I also pointed out to her that if my unit needed to be replaced if the cactusy like shrub that encompassed the unit will be trimmed down so the technicians will be able to work freely. Her inhumane response was “” I don’t see why they can’t lift it over””

Website: the shrub is shaped like a “”U”” around the unit

Phone: I told her it weighs close to 300lbs

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