ricart ford automotive service dept columbus Ohio


Complaint: i called ricart and recieved a quote of 93.00 then made an appointment.Then when i took in the van into them they then quoted a price of 140.00 at the time i had no choice it needed repaired so i agreed to that .after a couple of hours i recieved another call stating they were going to have to remove a hose and that it may break and i would have to replace ,meaning buy the part and have it installed and they wanted more money ,i told them that the part they were referring to had just been replaced and it shouldn’t break and if they broke it they bought it ,tori agreed,then a few hours went by and i recieved yet another call telling me that the part that i had brought in to be replaced was the wrong one ,and i would need to have the mechanic replace it with their parts (a part that was bought at NAPA and double checked for the right part) ,then recieved another call stating they couldn’t get the car in time right and were having problems ,so another day went by and another day of car rental . So the second day they called and said vehicle was ready ,so we went to pick up the van ,when my wife left the van was running worse than it was when we took it in ,stalling and popping out from under the hood ,so i called tori and told i was bringing it in on sat . when i called on sat to confirm my appoint ,they had no idea what i was talking about and was told to bring it in .when i took it in i spoke with another person and was told i had to leave there again .so monday came and tori called me ,and began by telling me that they checked it out and they weren’t going to retime the van because the mech said it didnt need done ,i then told them i would be in to get .

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Address: 4255 S. Hamilton Road, groveport, Ohio United States of America


Phone: 6148366386

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