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Complaint: (1) Gave attorney 10K retainer fee for criminal case. After months of him doing nothing I fired him. I then called him to return balance of 10K including detailed receipt he told me it was all gone. I then faxed dated request every 30 days for 3 months for him to return money. No results. I then contacted Bar a*s. they referred me to President of the County Bar.I did not want to deal with the local bar as I am pretty sure it would not go anywhere however I did talk to the former President and she gave me name and contact info for the current President. I did not contact him. Mysteriously about 2 weeks later I received a 10K check from my former attorney. (2) My employee pilfered app 80K during a 4 year period from my business.Went to state police they arrested her.Had certified audit done. Went to court. Meeting just before the trial my wife myself and my attorney met with the DA. I sat there listning to my attorney saying the DA would not get a conviction.He would have to see her punching the keys on company computer while she transferred the money to her personal accounts among other things at least 5 minutes worth. He actually talked the DA from spending any money to prosecute the case.I could not believe what I was hearing from my attorney. As a result no conviction.I have organized boxes of evidence that the jurors never seen or heard District Attorneys final comments that I will never forget,(I doubt that she will not be convicted) (3) I then filed a civil suit against the employee. My attorney deposed her. Went to deposition my attorney Rich Bower informs me that we could only ask questions about the no-compete agreement she signed and none about the money she had stolen as he did not add equity for the deposition.I was baffled I have 6 inches of proof where on at least 20 or 30 occasions she transferred the money into her personal account paid her house payments and others. I did have employee theft insurance on her. In my opinion there looked to be a conspiracy between defendant and my attorney not to get a conviction as everyday some one steals money from businesses etc and it makes for good income for attorneys. I was told by a courthouse employee nobody has ever been convicted in Fayette County for employee theft I would be glad to email or send the evidence to anyone that could help to prosecute this attorney for these misdoings they no doubt will continue. Gerald Allentown Pa

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