Richard Ramon, Baytown, TX


Liar Cheater Man, Texas

I am the second wife of this manipulative a**. He has physically, verbally & emotionally abused both of his wives, all 4 of his children, & my 2 children. He has a severe open addiction as well as adult sex site profiles. He is twisted and readily had his friends have sex with his ex while he watched. He likes to look at young underage girls. I caught him looking at photos on my computer of my then 15 yr old. I also caught him looking at photos of his ex’s 18 yr old daughter. He was in the girls life since she was 14. He carried on various relationships with other women throughout our 6 yr marriage. He has to spend $ on women just to gain their attention. He likes to play the victim and have women feel sorry for him. He uses religion as a way to lure women. He has nothing and is about to lose his house. He used my credit when we were married and left me with enormous debt. He has no relationship with his grown kids or grandkids because they know what a liar and jerk he is.He has physically assaulted his boys, his first wife, me, our daughter & my daughter from another marriage. He is a control freak, possessive & jealous. He makes himself out to be a sad lonely man who loves & misses his children – such B.S.. He also started using crack recently, squandered all his money on that instead of paying his child support.He is just a worthless person, lies and manipulates any situation he can.

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