Rick Campbell – Citigroup Rick Campbell with Citigroup – ridiculous Appleton Wisconsin Green Bay Wisconsin


Complaint: Recieved call from Rick “a recruiter in the Green Bay area”” who called saying he found my resume on Monster.com. I called him back and he sounded really creepy. Lots of grunting noises on the phone. He asked what kind of job I was looking for and I told him something in the office or clerical. He acted like he didn’t understand me. He was breathy and sounded gross as he asked me again. I told him I have a degree and to just tell me the company he represented and what kind of job was it and I would let him know if I was interested. That’s when he hung up. I feel he was stalking females online and was gross/disgusting during the call. He should be banned from Monster. yuk!”

Tags: Employers

Address: Appleton, Wisconsin USA

Website: www.citigroup.com/

Phone: 920-470-1107

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