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Complaint: August 16th 2004 I orderd a set of Lowenhart LD1 wheels for an 2004 S500 and cannot get a shipping date or tracking number. I ordered them from Valley. He tells me they are in stock and can ship them today. I then asked Valley when the wheels would ship and he said right away – today. He calls back later and tells me their credit card machine is down and I will have to do a wire transfer. I was suspicious and called around for another set. The only ones available were at rimstop.com so against my better judgement I wired the money on the 23rd from a Bank Of America branch in Sonoma California. I call Valley back and confirm that I made a direct deposit for $5400.00 to their account. Valley informs me that Corporate has to approve the transfer and he can’t ship until the 26th. None of this was told to me on the 23rd. I called several times since the 23rd asking for a tracking number and have not been able to get one. I keep getting told Valley is not in today and that they can’t get into the system to check for a tracking number. Today 8/31/04 I call and talk to Hope and get basically the same story except that I need to talk to Frank the owner and she won’t ship my wheels without payment confirmation. So I faxed her a copy of the deposit slip and called her back. I was then informed that I could not have my wheels because she could not confirm the direct deposit. I called back and asked for Frank – and am informed there is not a Frank that works there. Then I was told RIMSTOP owner Sonny Jimenez would talk to me. Someone gets on the phone identifies himself as Sonny, gets really rude tells me to F-OFF and that I am lucky he is even taking my call. I politely ask for a tracking number and a shipping date, he then tells me that there they do not have them in stock and they have been ordered from Lowenhart. If I want them I will have to wait 4-6 weeks for them to come from Japan and he will order them. So now that I am onto them I call the North American distributor www.dazzmotorsports.com who rimstop buys their wheels from and find the wheels are not on order at all. None ordered and none back ordered. As a professional courtesy I inform dazz (nice people) of how they are being represented by rimstop.com. I call back to rimstop and ask for Sonny again – he refuses to speak to me. I get placed on hold for 30 minutes never do speak to anyone. www.rimstop.com 713-781-6667 Carl Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.

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