Rite-Rug Columbus Ohio Review


I also had a very horrible experience with Rite-Rug on W. Broad Street in Columbus, OH. They sent out installers to install the carpet about a week or so after I picked out a “high-end”” living room carpet. After the installers left

I was furious at the huge messes they left behind as well as the very visible seam that looked as though someone cut a 1 inch gap straight down the middle of my living room. Each time I called the store or customer service

they told me I had to wait a week for an available installer to come out and fix it. They sent someone out to repair it a week after the original installation

but it ended up looking worse. I called customer service back and reported the problem. The woman said I would have to wait at least a week before they could send someone else back out. I waited almost two weeks. They sent someone out again. I wasn’t pleased with the results

but the carpet installer said it would take about a week for the seam to fade and disappear. I was hesitant to believe him since the seam was very noticeable. I called the store manager and he said that the carpet was very high end and should not show seams like some other lesser grade carpets. However

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