River Trade Pty Ltd Complaint


advertised as- 1/18th size AH-64 Brand new remote controlled apache helicopter. with aus power adapter, spare rotar blades, remote control, charger, battery and fuselage recieved 1/18 size broken 2nd hand fiddled with remote controller, apache helicopter, with adapter, charger and battery problems are as such – remote control is faulty, fails randomly, left joystick flops around(broken) – helicopter battery already insterted and case broken – missing lights on sides and random wire hanging out the rear end( electricuted me) – blades on helicopter are torn too shreds( if it did work i doubt stable flight would have been possible, and joystick flopping, big issue) – wont work, with all recommended requirements – top rotar control mechanism loose, screw burrowed out( and its approx 1-2mm in size!) -didnt recieve spare set of rotar blades i have pictures taken today, (i recieved it in the mail today) if u require them please be sure too contact ebay about this proposterous false advertisment and sale of BROKEN GOODS

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