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Complaint: I am filing this report due to the fact that Mr Charles Simms CEO of TLB Financial did not provide a service for me in which he took money from me. I paid Mr Charles Simms $10,000 via wire transfer from Bank of America (I have all of my documentation) for him to provide money for my business. I met Mr Simms online at FloridaInvestment network site and he and I had several conversations about how much I need to open my pharmacy. Upon several conversations, he provided me an approval letter and instructions on when I would receive the money. I would ask him for updates as the days and weeks went by but he would ignore my requests or be very vague with responses. We met in the spring of 2016 and I was suppose to have funds for my project by October/November of 2016. Once those dates came and gone, my timeline was pushed back to December of 2016. As one could imagine, the date came and gone and he provided me the bad news that he couldnt deliver. This cause me to lose out of the location where I had placed a deposit to hold the space which was $10,000 and another $10,000 for the architect. In total Ive lost $30,000 plus for services that I could not utilize all because Mr Simms couldnt deliver on his end. I have hired a lawyer in which Ive spent over $2,000 for services. I asked Mr Simms through my attorney to please send me back the my deposit since he coiuld not deliver on his end. I have all of my documentation and text messages as proof of me reaching out and trying to get my money back but he hasnt responded.

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Address: 13157 Royal Pines Avenue Riverview , Florida USA


Phone: 8505284413

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