RMF Scrubs Dallas Texas Review


I wish I would have noticed that these guys have a near failing grade with the Better Business Bureau before wasting all money. I made two different orders with this place and did not receive the items that I paid for.I did not receive the correct items on two different orders, totaling $160. The first order I made, I received scrubs that did not even closely match the colors as advertised on their website. They were also a bad size. Even though I cannot wear any of them, I ate the cost of that $80 order and tried making another order. On the second order that I made with them, I called them on the phone and asked how to make custom changes and alterations to the order. My request was to cancel the order and make a new correct one, but he insisted to do it a different way. He instructed me specifically to just send them an email with how I wanted my order changed and they would take care of it. So an original order was submitted (order #5691) late at night, then I talked to them on the phone first thing the next morning. Then I sent them an email within the next 12-24 hrs exactly as they told me to do with the correct order info. They immediately responded to me and confirmed that they had “noted changes””. But instead of receiving those items

I have received totally different items. Not only were they the wrong items

but they aren’t the correct alterations either. None of them match what I had ordered. It would obviously be fair to get my money back since I did not get any of the items that I paid you for

but 39 emails and a dozen phone calls later

they refuse to provide any customer service or take responsibility for their mistakes. This was 100% their mistake that they must take FULL responsibility for. Worst customer service I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime. Most terribly managed business I’ve ever seen. They are not conducting business honestly or fairly. This business should be shut down. They violate fundamental laws and regulations of doing business in America.”

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