Today around 3 o’clock I checked my credit score and discoverd it dropped from 603 to 579. It stated an account had gone into collections. So, I checked to see what is was. It said RMGSystems. I didn’t know what that was so I searched it and found it so I clicked on it and found their phone number. called it and spoke to someone named Rob. He told me that a Columbia House/BMG record club account from 2008 had went in to collections. I didn’t have an account with them in 2008. Usually if I had they would have sent letters or called me within that time. I really don’t think they would wait 7 years to send my account bill to collections because most credit accounts wait no more than 6 months. But, Rob told me I had to dspute the problem with the record club. So, I called them,they said I had to dispute with the collections company RMG Systems. So,now I have 127.00 bill from a 7 year account on my credit report. I thought about going ahead and pay it. But,I am not sure if that’s a wise dicision. Because, what if this keeps happening. So,I would like help with this.

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