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Complaint: I needed a steering stabilizer for my motorcycle I raced at NY International Raceway in Leicester, NY. I asked the people working in the anouncers booth who they would recommend. They told me Dennis Murphy and gave me his phone number. They even paged him over the loudspeaker because they knew he was there that night. He seemed nice and trustworthy. I told him what I wanted done and he said no problem. I let him take my motorcycle to his shop right from the track. It was Wednesday when I gave it to him and he said it would be done by friday. Two weeks had gone by and he didn’t return my calls. Finally on the third week he called and said the bike was done and he would bring it to the track wednesday. I met him there and it looked good. I paid him in CASH and he didn’t give me any receipt. I went to pull away from him and almost CRASHED the bike. The stabilizer he used was about two inches TOO SHORT!!! I couldn’t turn the handlebars enough to turn around. I had to push the bike backwards to bring it back to him. When I confronted him he said “Oh

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Address: I now it’s a little too short

Website: New YorkU.S.A.”

Phone: but I didn’t know if you would mind.”” I told him I definately do mind. I can’t turn my handlebars. I lost half of the travel I had prior to the stabilizer. He said he would simply replace it with the longer one next week. He said to use it tonight for the dragstrip and to disconnect it for the ride home. He didn’t show up the next three weeks and he would not return my calls. I don’t mean a couple of calls

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