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July 1,2016 Was told by Becky at I 44 ticket booth, we would be attending a presentation without pressure sale… We arrived for the presentation, met by Joni Harris, she asked personal questions,Podium speaker was DennySwafford, then Bob Staten slid into a chair by us started the pressiure sales, Plans started at 9,999.00 and then Bob took us to his office and the plan was 4,500.00 thennTerry Clarr came and the plan was 2,500.00.. We are 73 yrs old and thought we would love to trave;.. we bought it… Terry Clarr said and gave us paper saying the 199.00 yearly membership dues are only due when you use the travel plan… There is nothing ever available to travel and its cheaper elsewhere so we have never used it.. Roark calls us at least every day and sometimes 2 times a day and say we have to pay the 199.00.. 858-622-2942.. I would like this membership cancelled and my money returned… We paid it all by credit card.. .. We cannot even access the site anymore to tray and use it because it says we owe membership dues.. We have a paper signed by Terry Clarr saying we are locked in to 199.00 membership dues for 50 years and will not have to pay unless we use the plan.. We have never used the plan… Our plan says we are able to travel 4 times a year , yet neothing is ever available if you want to travel…Please get my money back.. We work hard for our money and wll never get talked into a scam like this again..

403 N Veterans Blvd. Branson, Missouri USA


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