February 5, 2017

Dear Mr. Lifson,

My attorneys have made a financial settlement and mutual release agreement with me. This covers some of my losses and expenses. In exchange I have removed all possible negative postings and reviews of their firm and individual lawyers. In addition, I have updated the reviews, marking them as ?resolved.?

If you wish to negotiate a similar settlement with me, I will offer you the same opportunity to help clear your reputation on the internet. After such settlement, my retraction shall state that you have resolved all issues between us to my complete satisfaction.

This offer shall remain in effect for ten days, after such time I will be updating my reviews.

I invite anyone to contact me for additional information.

I consigned vintage high-grade baseball, football and non-sports cards to Robert Edward Auctions/Robert Lifson. He damaged some valuable cards. He said he would reimburse me. Instead he kept my cards, and sued me for my own cards!
I had to get a New Jersey Attorney. I was charged $57,000 to get a $7,500 judgment vacated. The attorneys failed to include bailment in the counterclaim so I could not collect damages. I lost over $100,000 in property in addition to $57,000 in legal fees.
Robert Edward Auctions has since been sued by others for fraudulent activities.
I invite anyone to contact me for additional information.. I demand Compensation. I don’t recommend them

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  • #Robert Lifson

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