Roberto carlos Magana Rosales


Jennifer Rivera 10:34pm Mar 18Sorry for messaging your son but i have to be honest with u. Robert and i were recently together and u know what i mean by that, u can believe whatever he tells u if u like but thats on u. I didn’t want to tell u but i don’t want to hide the truthConversation HistoryJennifer Rivera 12:55pm Mar 5Ok i know this is not your son. He is happy but only because of his kids, they are his everything, but u on other hand is different, he does not love you and the only reason why he is doing all this is because of the kids thats all. He stopped loving u a long time ago and thats a fact . I really wish i can tell u everything i know because then u would really see how things are but i think about it twice before saying anything. Bottom line here is that he is unhappy with u even if he shows the opposite, seriously don’t believe me but time will tellJennifer Rivera 4:53pm Mar 5There are things about u that he can never forget and thats why he doesnt love u even though u try to please him n chnge ur ways so he can fall for u.. But like he said, what is done is done and no matter how much u try making things better he cannot love u.. He asked u to bring the kids, not for u to stayJennifer Rivera 8:55pm Mar 10Did Robert tell u he was with me a few days ago? im sure he hasn’t but know that we were together and he stayed with meJennifer Rivera 12:51pm Mar 11Well just so you know! this is no joke

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