Robin Balke – Sedalia, Missouri Missouri


Please keep my identity anonymous. What would you tell someone in this scenario: Couple has been together for nearly 25 years. Said couple separates and wife files for legal separation to sort out bills, parenting, etc. Husband immediately files for full blown divorce. Divorce drags out for months and months, husband wants to reconcile, wife is reluctant but trying. A couple of months before divorce is final wife finds out through court discovery of another woman in the picture…..pleads with said woman that her husband and her have been working on things. Other woman goes on with an all out war on wife. We are talking vandalism, computer hacking, phone spamming, email hacking, stalking, true bunny boiler stuff. Wife backs off wishes them both well divorce is final. After six months of pure hell with ex husband and other woman the ex husband wants to reconcile once again. Ex wife is willing to work on a healthy relationship. Ex other woman is pissed and proceeds with all the above. Year and a half later ex other woman will not leave the family alone but is very manipulative and sly about things. Family has been working very hard to overcome the past and move forward but having trouble because ex other woman likes to hang around. Its not so much the betrayal because the past is the past. Both were kinda lost in all of it. It has more to do with moving forward, trust, feeling secure. Its not such a secure feeling with the ex other woman popping up right and left. They work together, have common friends, etc. He has made it very clear to her that their relationship is over. She has been pleaded with to leave them alone but continues to keep in contact with his family, makes her presence known in his life as much as possible. It has the ex wife very uncomfortable that she is hanging around because for some reason there is still hope, or he is doing something to lead her on…

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