Robin Boyer – Pekin, Illinois Illinois


Here is Robin Boyer, a perfect example of a Home Wrecker that does everything in her power to make herself look better and in the mean time drag every man she has been with through the dirt! I am personal friends with several of her ex boyfriends/husbands, every one of them she has cheated on! She tried to kill her ex husband by poisoning his drink! Constantly cheating with co workers (I would know because I worked with her) and is always starved for attention! Her last relationship she cheated on him twice! One of which was Dr. Serag Raslan. She was meeting up with in Rockford when they both worked for OSF Healthcare! Instead of taking the blame she dragged his name through the dirt and made everyone think it was his fault! I am typing this because I am sick of everyone being on this woman’s side and feeling sorry for her! She is a spider! Women be warned if your man has money or works along side her than she is going to sleep with them!

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